Forms for applying on cystic fibrosis research projects 2024

Welcome to our page.

Please read carefully the following points before beginning to detail your project:

  • This site is intended to optimize the selection process by guiding you in the description of your project throughout several preformatted forms.
  • Please, avoid past/copy of formatted text (such those from the Internet or from PDF files) which could create technical problems in downloading the final PDF of the application. We suggest you to copy the text in a .txt file and, then, copy it in the application forms.
  • To help your project description see in the “Call for application” the paragraph "Guidelines to fill in the forms".
  • The additional documents must all be signed after they have been downloaded, compiled, scanned and uploaded in PDF format.
  • Each field marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed, otherwise it is not possible to forward the application and be involved in the process selection. If you want to change dates click on the red x.
  • You may save your project and work on it again at your earliest convenience before submitting it.
  • Reread your project carefully before submitting it. Keep in mind that once your project is submitted it can not be modified and the selection process begins.

to download the PDF of your project research. Then, carefully check accuracy and completeness of the data you have inserted. In case there is lack of data, please contact c[email protected]

Each project will be handled as soon as possible.

Good job!

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